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Leons Anti Aging Beauty Secrets

Lucky Nurul @ 5:36 AM
Leon is the admin of Leons beauty tips and secrets and also the author of the Leons Anti Aging Beauty Secrets.
I try to stay away from doing reviews, because honestly, most of them consist of recipes only and do not give you the insight into the effects the ingredients used to make these recipes. Most of you who read this website know that I like medical, biological, and chemical references or at least an indication of what the ingredients do or do not do. But this book is different from many I had a chance to read since starting this site, and here is why:
Leon offers 10 chapters in this 60-page ebook:
The first 4 chapters offer background information on the aging process and anti aging techniques and tips that can help you slow down the aging process.
Chapter 1 starts off with Anti-Aging Mantra, an overview of aging causes and then gives you 10 must do mantras that when done regularly, can help slow down the aging tremendously. Each one of these is absolutely practical and easy to do in your free time.
Chapter 2 moves on into an Anti-Aging Diet where Leon talks extensively about antioxidants and foods that contain them. She lists vitamin-rich food and also provides a list of ingredients known to contain antioxidants.
Chapter 3 is thrown in as a fun overview of the worldwide beauty secrets. You will find ingredients and oils listed and an explanation of their use in this chapter.
Chapter 4 talks about Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Secrets; Ayurvedic being quite popular these days. The reason it is so popular is because it is a holistic approach to life, so you deal with the state of both body and mind in order to look beautiful and healthy. Leon lists a few skin care recipes and then gives a couple of recipes for detoxification.
Chapters 5-9 are filled with my favorite topic: skin care recipes. You will find anti-aging cleansers (chapter 5), anti-aging exfoliants (chapter 6), anti-aging toners (chapter 7), anti-aging face packs (chapter 8), and finally, anti-aging facial serums, eye serums, and lip balms recipes (chapter 9).
Chapter 10, the final chapter, is the bonus chapter of this ebook. This chapter contains an eyelash and eyebrow booster recipe that is guaranteed to help you grow longer, thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.
Free Bonuses:
Bonus# 1 504 Beauty, Bath and Spa Recipes
Bonus# 2 1001 Beauty Tips
Bonus# 3 Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Rejuvenation
Bonus# 4 40 Tips To Prevent Or Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
Bonus# 5 11000 Recipes from Around The World
Leons Anti Aging Beauty Secrets can be bought for $15 for the next 9 orders; this book ordinarily costs $21.
Is it worth $21? - I would say yes if you are not looking into purchasing a magical, overnight solution. If you are genuinely interested in using natural, organic, affordable ingredients and resolved to use them regularly, then I have to say this book might be what you are looking for. I think Leon did a good job covering the basics and then offering some more in this book. It is a perfect gift to yourself or someone you know.
P.S. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and take a look at Leons photo, wow I say!
Leons Anti Aging Beauty Secrets. Click here to read testimonials from readers like you and find out more about this book.


Anti Aging Beauty Secrets Book

Lucky Nurul @ 5:30 AM
First, let me say this — natural skin care is NOT just for females. But when you type in “Anti Aging Skin Care” or “Natural Skin Care” in Google, most everything will be female oriented. So, not to chase away my 38% male readers, let me continue…
A fellow blogger friend Leon has a natural skin care site and recently wrote a book on Anti Aging Beauty Secrets. These are all natural products you can make at home. Many of them are made with Ayurvedic Beauty Recipes.
Ayurvedic – now there’s a word that needs its own blog post – but for now , here is the definition:
The conventional Hindu system of medicine, founded chiefly on naturopathy and homeopathy.
I’ve heard lots of great things about her famous eyelash serum and I plan to try it out. Other fabulous recipes include solutions for dark undereyes, lip balms with a natural SPF, and a Chocolate Spa Face Pak that looks pretty yummy! (Oh, wait, it’s supposed to go ON the face)
You should definitely check out this book, especially if you are looking for some low-cost ways to get rid of wrinkles without damaging your skin or the environment in the process.
Here’s the book : Anti Aging Beauty Secrets
She has also just started a forum where you can get all your questions answered about organic skin care, makeup and hair care. She also lists some great contests for you to win monthly prizes. The forum is brand new, so go and sign up and start posting!
Here’s the forum:
Glowing Diva

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tighten Your Loose Skin Now

Lucky Nurul @ 7:51 PM
Loose skin can happen especially when you achieve large reduction of weight in short time. There are many product which claim to tighten skin, but sometimes it wont works. So, there are another alternative ways for you instead of directly choose surgery to thighten it or using mass skin products at the market.

  • Nourish your skin - Nourish your skin and encourage it's elasticity. Exfoliate your skin daily to encourage removal of dead skin cells. Doing this each day will stimulate your skin's circulation which should help in tightening skin up.
  • Use Moisturizer - Moisturizer will add up to seventy percent of moisturizer to your skin. When you are losing weight, it is great to use a moisturizer as it will help to maintain that elasticity as your body is shrinking. Cover your body in heavy moisturizer each night before you go to bed.
  • Determine your fat percentages- After you have your desired weight loss, determine what your body fat percentage is. It's impossible to differentiate loose skin from body fat without this figure. Many gyms are able to assess your body for this. 
  • Hot bath - You have to treat yourself to a hot hour-long bath once or twice a week. While the bath is being drawn, add 1/2lb of pure sea salt to the water and allow it to dissolve. Besides relaxing your body and muscles, it will draw toxins out of your skin and will improve your overall skin tone. 
  • After you knew what's your fat percentages, then you should strive to change your body's composition by reducing fat and replacing it with muscle.
  • Drink a lot of water -There is a lot of studies showing that you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep that moisture in your skin. In the same time, the water is also going to flush those toxins out of your system to gives you a healthy skin.
  • Massage your bodies - For your imformations, massaging the skin helps to build that elasticity back up. You should use mustard oil in order to get the best results. That daily massage will also help your muscles develop. In mustard oil, you will find that there are many medicinal properties in it that will help you to have healthy and glowing skin.
  • Use Loofah or body scrub - When you use a body scrub or loofah at least twice a day, you will be helping to tighten up that lose skin that is caused by weight loss. Scrub your skin two to three times a week for a better results.
  • Do stomach crunch - I really wanted to point out to you just how important those stomach crunches are in order to tighten that skin. If you are not used to doing stomach crunches, then start with one and then increase it by one each day you go along.
  • Wear right clothes for night moisturizer - When you apply the moisturizer to your body at night, you may want to wear long sleeves and long pajamas in order to make sure it does not rub off on your sheets. This will also help to hold that moisture in as you sleep at night.
  • Eating raw food such as cucumber, tomato, olives and coconut can mark an improvement in your skin's elasticity.  
  • Foods for elasticity - Aloe vera extract, soy protein and yeast extract can improve your skin's elasticity by increasing your body's production of elastin and collagen. It not only tightens your skin but your skin's natural defenses as well.

Sources : How to Tighten up Loose Skin After Weight Loss by Karen Cotton

12 Ways to tighten loose skin after weight loss by All Women Stalk
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