Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anti Aging Beauty Secrets Book

Lucky Nurul @ 5:30 AM
First, let me say this — natural skin care is NOT just for females. But when you type in “Anti Aging Skin Care” or “Natural Skin Care” in Google, most everything will be female oriented. So, not to chase away my 38% male readers, let me continue…
A fellow blogger friend Leon has a natural skin care site and recently wrote a book on Anti Aging Beauty Secrets. These are all natural products you can make at home. Many of them are made with Ayurvedic Beauty Recipes.
Ayurvedic – now there’s a word that needs its own blog post – but for now , here is the definition:
The conventional Hindu system of medicine, founded chiefly on naturopathy and homeopathy.
I’ve heard lots of great things about her famous eyelash serum and I plan to try it out. Other fabulous recipes include solutions for dark undereyes, lip balms with a natural SPF, and a Chocolate Spa Face Pak that looks pretty yummy! (Oh, wait, it’s supposed to go ON the face)
You should definitely check out this book, especially if you are looking for some low-cost ways to get rid of wrinkles without damaging your skin or the environment in the process.
Here’s the book : Anti Aging Beauty Secrets
She has also just started a forum where you can get all your questions answered about organic skin care, makeup and hair care. She also lists some great contests for you to win monthly prizes. The forum is brand new, so go and sign up and start posting!
Here’s the forum:
Glowing Diva

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